Rules of the Example Golfing Society

Rules of the Example Golfing Society

1.1 Name and Purpose
The Society shall be called “The Example Golfing Society” (‘the Society’), the purpose of which is to provide golfers who are over 10 years of age by 31st December in the year in which membership is attained the opportunity to meet and play golf in convivial circumstances.

1.2 Founder Members
All those who played or expressed an interest in playing in the initial meetings at Royal Porthcawl in 1907 are (subject only to subsequent cessation of membership) ipso facto founder members of the Society and are listed as such.

1.3 Honorary Life Members
The Committee may confer on any member the privilege of Honorary Life Membership.

1.4 Eligibility for Membership
Members of the Example Golfing Society must be 60 or more but no more than 15 years of age in the year of joining, with an active handicap of less than 15. They should not be a member of the Seniors Golfers’ Society at the time of joining the Example Golfing Society. It is also the Society’s practice to require that they are not a candidate for membership of the Seniors Golfers’ Society.

Effective 1st November 1996 candidates for membership of the Society need to be proposed by one member and seconded by another. Applications will be considered by the Committee and the proposer will be informed whether the application of the candidate is approved.

1.5 President, Captain, Honorary Secretary/’Treasurer & Committee
The Society will have a President and a Captain who shall hold office for a three-year term and a one-year term respectively in each case commencing on the 1st January following his election.

The Society will also have:
an Honorary Secretary/Treasurer appointed periodically by the Committee (whom, together with the President and Captain, shall, during their respective terms of office, be ex officio members of the Committee)
and one ordinary Committee member who typically will have responsibility for the fixtures and meetings of the Society and shall serve for a three-year term commencing on the 1st January following his election.

1.6 Annual General Meeting (AGM)
The AGM of members will be held to coincide with the Autumn Meeting. It will be chaired by the Captain and will normally have the following
• Minutes of the last meeting
• Election of President, Captain and ordinary Committee member as appropriate
• Presentation of the Accounts
• Fixtures for the following year
• Any other business
The Committee will meet as needed and it is anticipated that a meeting just prior to the AGM plus one other meeting per year will be sufficient.

1.7 Finance
There will be no entrance fee. Examples will pay an annual subscription to be determined from time to time by the Committee by bankers order sufficient to cover administrative costs and postage. No subscription shall be payable by an Honorary Life Member.

The fees for the meeting and matches will be based on the green fees and meal costs at the clubs where the meetings and matches are played
Accounts showing the income statement and balance sheet will be presented at each AGM.

The Society’s bankers are Barclays Bank plc, St George’s Street, Canterbury, Kent.

1.8 Change of Rules
Any alteration in these Rules can only be effected by a resolution passed by three-quarters of those present in person at the Annual General Meeting. Notice of any proposal to alter any Rule must reach the Honorary Secretary/Treasurer not later than 28 days before the Annual General Meeting and be circulated to all members with the notice of the Annual General Meeting.


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