CSGS National Autumn Meeting

Our National Autumn Meeting was held this year at the magnificent Forest of Arden Golf Club in October. The course and conditions set a tough test of golf with Peter Holt coming through best to take the Theobald Cup. Clive Fisher proved to be the most consistent golfer over the year winning the Edgson Cup with the best combined singles score over the Spring Meeting at The Berkshire and The Autumn Meeting.


1st – Winner of the Theobald Cup– Peter Holt 31 pts
2nd – John King 30 pts
3rd– Laura Bampton 29 pts

1st Guest Mal Thomas 28 pts


1st– John Keenan and Mike Hole 40 pts
2nd– Roy Hawkins and Peter Aldridge 36.5 pts
3rd– Clive Fisher and Mike Cook  34 pts

The Parker Putter

Won by Peter Holt

The Edgson Cup

Clive Fisher 61 pts – (total singles points at this meeting and the Berkshire Spring Meeting)