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RULES and PRACTICES relating to candidates for membership

The Rules of the Example Golfing Society require that members must be 60 or more in the year of joining but no more than 65 years.

The practice of the Society is that candidates are invited to join: it is  not expected that men will apply to join, and it is hoped that members will resist applications made to them on the basis that such applications are not the way our Society works.

The committee expects candidates to be clubbable, to become active members of the Society (ie whenever possible applying to play at our Spring and Autumn Meetings and in several matches each year), and to be good golfers with a competition handicap under 15.

New members should be encouraged by their proposer to play an active part in the society.

Members are asked to talk to the Secretary if they have a candidate in mind and not to make any promises to the candidate; this will avoid any difficulty that may arise if, for example, the Society has elected as many new members as it can sensibly accommodate in a year or if it is trying to increase the number of members it has  at particular clubs.

When putting forward a candidate, proposers are asked to specifically address the following when emailing or writing to the Secretary:

  • Clubbability
  • Golfing ability
  • Likelihood that he will become an active member of the Society

If you know the following, please also let the Secretary know:

  • Age
  • Handicap
  • Contact details including telephone number, postal and email addresses
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